History of Mic Mac AAC 2

Mic Mac A.A.C. was established in 1923 known then as “The Mic Mac Aquatic Club”. An energetic group of Dartmouth citizens pooled their resources for the development of aquatic sports on Lake Banook and before long the small boat house was created. During the early years the club membership was comprised of men only and there was a heavy emphasis of the social aspect of the facility. A desire to socialize and a common love of sports united the membership and sparked a commitment to the development of competitors. At this time rowing was the main aquatic sport, although the club rented small non-motorized, watercraft to people interested in the aquatic environment.

In 1932 Mic Mac A.A.C. sent Frank Courtney, Fraser Herman, Gordon Gammon, and Henry Pelham to the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games to compete for Canada in the men’s four rowing event. Shortly after that in 1935 Mic Mac was the first to send an 8 oared shell onto the Lakes of Dartmouth.

The practice of renting watercraft continued until the late 1940’s at which point paddling began to grow as part of regular club activities. During that period a more formal paddling program was created and the club became the only club on the lake to offer both rowing and paddling programs, a claim still valid today.

Mic Mac A.A.C. was the first club in Nova Scotia to join the Canadian Canoe Association and played an integral role in the establishment of C.C.A divisional status for the Maritimes. In 1956, Mic Mac A.A.C. paddlers, Jack Flinn, Lawerence Murphy, Henry Mosher and Deitreich Schroeder, captured the gold in C-4 competition at the C.C.A. championships. This was the first time a national championship title in paddling went to a team east of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, and the first of many national championship medals to be awarded to Mic Mac A.A.C. athletes.

Although women were allowed in the club on occasion it was not until the late 1960’s that they were first allowed a social membership. Since that time it was mostly the acts of hard working volunteers that kept the club operating.

Over the years the club facilities have continually grown and developed as have the programs and activities available to its members. Mic Mac A.A.C. continues to evolve to meet the needs of all it’s members through new concepts while still maintaining its heritage by old traditions.