Youth Programs


“Junior” refers to any athlete aged 12-18. Rowing programs offered for this age group include:

a) Junior Learn to Row (recommended for ages 12-18, although 11-year-olds who are at least 56″ tall or at least weigh 70lbs will be accepted) -learn the basics of rowing including safety, equipment, body movement, and timing. Focus is on FUNdamentals and building physical literacy through various activities.

b) Junior Recreational (recommended for ages 12-18, although 11-year-olds who are at least 56″ tall or at least weigh 70lbs will be accepted) -participants who have completed Junior Learn to Row (or equivalent) can join the Junior Recreational Crew. Focus on fun, improving overall fitness, and further development of sport-specific skills. This program is for athletes either still building towards, or not interested in training for competition.

c) Junior Competitive (recommended for ages 14-18, although 13-year-olds will be accepted) -participants considering this program should consult with a Coach for an assessment. Focus is to train young athletes interested in specializing in rowing at local, provincial, national, and international level competitions. It involves a higher level of commitment, training volume, and intensity. Athletes that are meeting specific strength and fitness measures may be invited to supplement their training with Provincial Team activities.

MMAAC Rowing – Junior Programs rev August 14 2016

Support for the Junior Summer Camp Program is provided by Rowing Canada Aviron


FALL 2020

Junior Learn-to-Row and Junior Recreational Rowing

Updated September 5, 2020

This program is for youth who are trying the sport for the first time, and/or have completed a Learn-to-Row program, and would like to continue rowing for fun, fitness, and outdoor recreation.

Curriculum includes coaching for safety, injury prevention, equipment, sport terminology, and the basic elements of a rowing stroke – both sculling and sweeping. All rowing equipment is provided.

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15PM-6:00PM

Start Date: Thursday, September 10, 2020

End Date: Thursday, October 29, 2020

Fee: $120 (+$24 Annual RCA Membership Fees + $15 Annual Row NS Membership Fees, if these have not been paid previously through another program offered since April 1, 2020)

Junior Competitive Rowing

Updated September 5, 2020

This program is for athletes aged 13+, with at least one season of rowing experience, training to compete at local, national and international regattas

  • Participants in this program train 3-5 times / week on the water depending on age, plus additional self-directed strength, flexibility, and cross-training
  • Regatta and uniform expenses are in addition to the program fee

Athletes currently training as part of the Provincial Team would register for this program as part of their “home club” sessions

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 4:15PM-6:00PM, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:45AM-7:30AM

Start Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2020

End Date: Saturday, October 31, 2020

Fee: $210 (+$24 Annual RCA Membership Fees + $15 Annual Row NS Membership Fees, if these have not been paid previously through another program offered since April 1, 2020)


WINTER 2019-20

Updated November 25, 2019

Winter Junior Programs are open to anyone aged 11-18 interested in incorporating indoor rowing, swimming, or running into their physical activity or fitness routine.

There is no requirement to have previous rowing experience, nor future intentions to row on water. Membership with Mic Mac AAC is not required.



Annual membership fees of $15 for Row Nova Scotia (RNS), and $20 for RCA will be automatically added by the online registration system to the first program joined each membership year (April 1-March 31). Anyone joining a winter program as their first program this year should add $35 to the program fees outlined.




Junior Indoor Learn to Row and Fitness Rowing

  • For youth aged 11-18 who:
        • have no indoor nor on-water rowing experience, or, 
        • who have completed a Junior Learn to Row program through Junior Summer Rowing Camps or After-School programs, or equivalent from another rowing club
  • Activities will focus on learning and improving rowing technique, injury prevention, learning to use rowing as a fitness training method, and age-appropriate strength and conditioning movements.


Junior Winter Training for Competition

  • For youth aged 13-18 who have demonstrated safe and effective rowing technique on water, and who intend to compete in 2020. 
  • Please contact Coach Tracy Brown at: to confirm eligibility to register for this program before completing the registration and payment process. 
  • A reduced schedule will be considered for younger members of the program.
  • **In addition to the $500 program fee, participants also make a 12-hour volunteer commitment to assist with Learn to Row programs in Winter 2019-20 and/or Spring 2020.
  • Weekly Schedule
        • Mondays: 5:45AM-7:15AM Weights at the club
        • Mondays: 6:30PM-7:30PM Group Run (optional for those participating in other sports over the winter)
        • Tuesdays: Off
        • Wednesdays 4:15-5:45PM Indoor Rowing at the club
        • Thursdays: 5:45AM-7:15AM Weights at the club
        • Fridays 4:15-5:45PM Indoor Rowing at the club
        • Saturdays: 5:00PM-7:00PM Swimming at Cole Harbour Place (included in program fee)
        • Sundays: Off


Junior Swimming 

  • Mic Mac AAC Rowing has partnered with the Cole Harbour Hurricanes Swim and Triathlon Club to offer swimming programs for the winter for Junior aged 11-18.
  • The junior swimming program can accommodate youth as young as age 5, as long as they are deep-end safe, and have had exposure to group instruction (i.e. school). Families with youth between the ages of 5-10 who are interested in swimming please contact Michelle Raiche-Marsden at for further information.
  • Target participants include youth with some swimming experience who want to:
        • improve their general fitness using swimming in a group setting
        • use swimming for cross training for other sports
        • learn front crawl well enough to finish a Try-a-Tri triathlon
  • Junior Competitive program participants: Swimming on Saturdays is included in the program registration. No further action nor payment is required to swim on this day. 
  • All other Youth: Swimming registration is separate from rowing programs. Youth can opt to join a swimming program without joining an indoor rowing program.
  • Schedule: 
        • Swimming schedule is dependent on skill level. Please contact Coach Tracy Brown at if you have not yet had your swimming skills assessed.
        • Beginner / Intermediate: Saturdays 5:00PM-6:00PM
        • Advanced: Saturdays 5:00PM-7:00PM
        • An additional swim is available on Sundays from 1:00PM-2:00PM for youth interested in extra fitness or swimming skill development. Please contact coach Tracy Brown if you are interested in this option.
  • Participants registering through Mic Mac AAC Rowing will have paid their annual RNS and RCA membership fees, which insures you while cross training until March 31, 2020. After that date, participants will either need to renew their RNS or RCA annual membership fees, or pay $45 for annual membership in Triathlon Nova Scotia (TNS).


Youth Outdoor Running / Walking

  • For Youth aged 11-18
  • The program is progressive. Beginner runners should start with the group at the beginning of the season in order to build their stamina.
  • A late winter / early spring running event will be selected that the group will work towards participating in.
  • The program will be scalable, and attendees will group themselves based on expected running / walking pace. All runs will have the option of being completed as a run/walk.
  • Schedule:
        • Mondays at 6:30PM
        • Wednesdays at 7:00PM
        • Runs will be planned to not exceed one hour total. End times may vary depending on distance / pace. 
  • The days and times for this program coincide with when the Zatzman Sportsplex offers free access to their running track. In the event of inclement weather or extreme cold, notice will be sent to advise participants that the run will be moved indoors for that evening.
  • FREE! No registration or payment required. Friends and family are welcome to join.