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What age group am I?

The following age categories are are per Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) Rules of Racing, revised January 28, 2018:

1. Under 17 – A rower or coxswain may compete as an Under 17 competitor until the 31st of December of the year in which s/he reaches the age of 16.

2. Under 19 – A rower or coxswain may compete as an Under 19 competitor until the 31st of December of the year in which s/he reaches the age of 18.

3. Under 23 – A rower or coxswain may compete as an Under 23 competitor until the 31st of December of the year in which s/he reaches the age of 22.

4. Senior – A rower or coxswain of any age may compete as a Senior.

5. Master – A rower may compete as a Master from the beginning of the year during which s/he attains the age of 21. Master’s Age Classifications (age reached as of the current calendar year):

  • AA age: 21-26 years
  • A  age: 27-35 years
  • B  age: 36-42 years
  • C  age: 43-49 years
  • D  age: 50-54 years
  • E  age: 55-59 years
  • F  age: 60-64 years
  • G  age: 65-69 years
  • H  age: 70-74 years
  • I  age: 75-79 years
  • J  age: 80-84 years
  • K age: 85-89 years
  • L age: 90 years and over

Guidelines of Club Use

  • MMAAC Rowing participation guidelines include:

    • Please arrive 15 minutes before practice. Being on time will ensure each participant gets a seat in a boat. Late arrivals may not be able to participate.
    • Please report all broken or damaged equipment to your Coach.
    • Please wear snug fitting and weather appropriate clothing, as the MMAAC Rowing programs run ‘rain or shine’!
    • Socks must be worn while rowing. This is an important measure to ensure proper hygiene in the rowing shoes.
    • Follow the lake traffic pattern at all times.
    • Conduct yourself in a mature and responsible manner and treat other club members and club equipment with respect at all times.
    • Members, family, and friends are encouraged to become involved in all aspects of the club, including all social events! Members are encouraged to volunteer with the club including fundraising, boat bay maintenance and assisting with regattas.
    • Click HERE to review the Mic Mac AAC Rowing Cold Water Rules.

Personal Equipment Storage

The Mic Mac Amateur Aquatic Club Rowing program (MMAAC Rowing) designates a limited amount of space for members in good standing to store privately owned rowing shells (PORS). Details on the process for requesting and maintaining storage of PORS on site are outlined in the following document:

MMAAC Rowing Private Equipment Storage Agreement – March 27, 2017

Please feel free to contact the club at: micmacaacrowing@gmail.com with any questions.

Meet our Coaches

All coaches at Mic Mac AAC Rowing are in-training, trained, or certified by Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) as either Learn to Row Instructors, RCA Coaches, and/or RCA Performance Coaches. Each are experienced rowers, have completed Emergency First Aid / CPR training, obtained their Pleasure Craft Operators Card, and have been approved through the Criminal Records check with HRM Police.

IMG_1818 2

Tracy Brown, Sport Director / Coach
 started rowing in 1990 and represented Team Nova Scotia at the 1993 Canada Games. After a break from the sport, she returned as a Master’s Rower at Mic Mac AAC in 2011. Since then she has continued to row and has become increasingly involved in various areas. In 2013 she joined the Row NS Board and also volunteered as Manager for Team Nova Scotia Rowing at the 2013 Canada Games. In 2015 she began training to become a Learn to Row Instructor and RCA Coach and achieved certification in both in 2016. She was selected as one of two Women-In-Coaching Apprentice Coaches, and was part of the Coaching Staff for the 2017 Canada Games. Also in 2017, Tracy was one of seven coaches selected by Rowing Canada to be part of their High Performance Coach Mentorship Program. Tracy is energetic and passionate about rowing, and also about providing opportunities for others to feel the same way.

Jessica Harmon, Coach
Jessica started out as a learn to row athlete as a fun way to stay fit over the summer of 2017 at Mic Mac AAC.  She instantly fell in love with the sport of rowing and continued into the Junior competitive program the following season.  Living outside of St. Margarets Bay, Jess continues to travel to Lake Banook working towards her goals within the competitive program. Jess has also been competing as a competitive alpine ski racer and has represented Team Nova Scotia and Team Atlantic this past winter. As she continues to work hard for both sports she can’t wait to share her passions and knowledge to help make better athletes and a fun summer!

IMG_20160715_202609246Angela Hersey, Coach
Angela started rowing as a Junior in 1998, right here at Mic Mac AAC. In 2001 she rowed with team Nova Scotia at the Canada Games, competing in the W8+. Soon after, she was recruited by Halifax Rowing Club to cox their master’s women’s 8+ crew that went on to compete at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston. In 2006 Angela taught Learn-to-Row at the Vancouver Rowing Club, sharing her knowledge and love for the sport to the eager new athletes. After a few years hiatus from rowing she came back to rowing in NS, and rowed for several years at Halifax Rowing Club and Mic Mac AAC. After successfully leading the Adult Masters Competitive program in 2017, she is excited to continue on the coach for this program in 2018.

Hannah Meeson, Coach
Hannah was born and raised across the harbour in Halifax. She was introduced to rowing in 2014 when a group from Halifax Rowing Club came to her school for a workshop. Hannah has always loved being outdoors on the water, hanging out at the beach, hiking, swimming or canoeing, so rowing felt like a natural fit. Hannah signed up for a learn to row class that summer and started racing competitively in the fall. From the moment Hannah stepped in her first rowing shell she knew that rowing was going to be her sport and has been working hard at it ever since. In 2016, Hannah competed in the Royal Canadian Henley in St. Catharines, ON as well as the National Rowing Championships in Burnaby, BC. In the summer of 2017, she competed at Canada Summer Games in Kenora, ON and again that fall at the National Rowing Championships. Hannah just completed her first year at the University of Victoria where she studied sciences, and competed as a member of the UVic Vikes varsity lightweight women’s rowing team. This is Hannah’s third year coaching at Mic Mac and she’s looking forward to a great summer on Lake Banook!

Kayla Bugeya-Miller, Coach
Kayla started rowing in 2015, and is now a member of the Row Nova Scotia provincial team. After having had her run at competitive rugby, injuries led her to transition to rowing, and she hasn’t left since! She has been a varsity rower for Dalhousie University over the past two years, receiving the awards for “Most Dedicated Rower” in 2016, and the “Oarswoman Award” in 2017. Kayla is a recent graduate of Kinesiology at Dalhousie, and has a lot of experience in high performance biomechanics and physiology labs in both Toronto and Halifax. She has experience coaching rowing and swimming to athletes of all ages, levels, and abilities. Kayla is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with athletes at Mic Mac AAC Rowing!

Alastair Price, Coach
Alastair started his rowing career with the Hanlan Boat Club, in Toronto. From there he moved to the University of Toronto Rowing Club, where he began coaching in addition to rowing. Alastair has continued to coach at various clubs including Hanlan Boat Club, the Argonauts Rowing Club, Halifax Rowing Club, and now with Mic Mac AAC. His experiences have allowed him to give back to the rowing community, reflecting his appreciation for the immense amount of support and coaching he has received over the years. Alastair has a passion for competition, and was instrumental in developing an adaptive program at the Argonauts Rowing Club, which sent its first athletes to the Royal Canadian Henley in 2016. Alastair’s coaching style is reflective in nature, working with athletes to develop goals and facilitate growth beyond what they might have thought they could achieve. Alastair intends to continue his growth as both an athlete and a coach, in hopes of becoming a community member at Mic Mac AAC.

Caitlin Van Bilsen, Coach
Caitlin moved to Nova Scotia in the summer of 2017, and starting rowing as a learn to row athlete at Mic Mac AAC. She immediately fell in love with the sport, and  progressed the junior competitive program in the fall. Caitlin was born in the Netherlands where she lived for 10 years with her family where she was active in track and field. Then, Caitlin and her family moved to Winnipeg where she was involved in many school-related activities, and also joined a track team outside of school. Caitlin is currently training with the Adult Master’s Competitive Rowing program at Mic Mac AAC to serve as a coxswain for the women’s 8+ crew. She is looking forward to sharing her passion for rowing with others and helping them reach their goals. She’s excited to coach the Mic Mac AAC programs this summer.

Ben Walls, Coach
Ben started rowing in 2015. He learned to row at Halifax Rowing Club and hasn’t looked back! He has attended major regattas like Royal Canadian Henley 2016, National Rowing Championship 2017 and Canada Games 2017. Ben attends the University of Victoria where he trains with their men’s rowing team. This year he had the opportunity race with them at the San Diego Crew Classic. Ben coached at Mic Mac AAC last summer and is excited to do so again this summer. He enjoys sharing his passion for the sport with others. His favourite part about rowing is the friendships and camaraderie that develops as people learn together. He hopes to see you down at the boat club this summer!



Meet our Steering Committee

A committed group of volunteers serves as the Steering Committee for the MMAAC Rowing Club. They manage all aspects of club operations including membership, programming, staffing, finances, equipment, and facilities.

Steering Committee Members for 2017-18:

  • Devon Cassidy
  • Vance Hiscock
  • Karen Kavanaugh
  • Rhonda Wilson
  • Leah Wood
  • Linda Young

Rowing Representatives on the Mic Mac AAC Board of Directors (effective November 2017)

  • Austen Gilliland
  • Graham Judge
  • Michelle Raiche-Marsden (Secretary)
  • Brian Turnbull
  • Linda Young

Thank you to our Volunteers

MMAAC Rowing is organized and managed almost exclusively by volunteers.

“It takes a village” to maintain and grow the club, and provide a positive experience for program participants. MMAAC Rowing encourages its members to become involved in the clubs operation. Volunteering is a great way to make friends and to become part of the rowing community.


There are various ways you can help out at the club!

  • Volunteer at regattas as a timer or safety boat operator. Consider becoming certified to serve as an Official.
  • Be on a Committee
  • Volunteer specific skills, services, or materials
  • Fundraising activities

Our goal is to share the work, make new friends and have fun!

Support our Athletes

Parents – you are already supporting our athletes by engaging them in an activity that allows them to be active and outside, learning life skills such as teamwork and communication. Thank you for the many drives back and forth to their practices; for ensuring they are well fed, hydrated, and rested; and that they can pursue their rowing dreams of success!

Coaches – Most coaches work many hours beyond what they are paid for. They attend various training sessions to ensure they are providing a safe environment for their athletes to perform their very best. Ask your Coach what you can do to help… simple acts of assistance help the Coach focus on what is most important.

Fans – Come cheer us on! Whether at a local or international regatta, Novice or high performance, all athletes deserve a cheering section. See our calendar for a list of upcoming events.

Fundraising – there is a cost associated with providing suitable equipment, environment, programs, and coaching to athletes, The best fundraising strategy is to build our membership. Please consider any of the following financial contributions:

  • Refer a friend to join one of our programs
  • Support a young athlete by sponsoring their registration fees, uniform purchase, etc
  • Attend or support one of our many annual fundraisers
  • Contact our Steering Committee regarding a large contribution. We are open to various forms of recognition, to be discussed with the donor.

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