Dragon Boat






Mic Mac A.A.C.’s Dragon boat program is designed to offer adults of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn to paddle as a team in a boat seating 20 participants.

This program under the guidance of a qualified instructor will teach the paddlers basic techniques enabling the team to paddle the Dragon boat through consistent training sessions.


The paddlers will build endurance while toning their bodies and minds helping to lead to a healthier lifestyle.

This program is a social program with a camaraderie that lends itself to gatherings of all sorts such as dinners, dances and fundraisers.

Dragon boat is a program for both men and women who want to exercise in a low impact environment with a good warm up of walking and stretching.

Dragon boat sessions run three times weekly Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 6:30pm.

Sessions run from late May or 1st of June – Sept. 30 depending on the weather.

All necessary equipment is provided such as PFD’s and paddles.

You are permitted to wear your own personal PFD and use your own paddle provided the fit is correct.