Coaches and Staff

Head Coach:

Chris Chaisson

I started paddling at a very early age as paddling had been in my family for many years. I grew up spending every day of the summer hanging around the club gaining new friends and learning how to paddle. As I got older I moved up in the club and became a high performance paddler until I was 18, which is when I found my passion as a full time coach. I started coaching part time when I was 15 and moved my way up from coaching Atoms, to coaching high performance athletes. I will be entering into my tenth summer as the Head Coach of Mic Mac AAC. 


  • Nationally Certified Level 1,2 and 3 Canoe/kayak Coach
  • Canoe Kids Certified
  • Personal Trainer Certification
  • CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Speak Out Certified

Coaching Philosophy:

My number one coaching philosophy is to have FUN!!! And I do my best to show kids how much fun this sport can be.  I also believe that our sport is a lifestyle not just an activity that fills times.  Through paddling I try to teach my athletes the value of hard work, dedication, leadership and respect, as I believe these are most important values of sport and life.

Assistant Coach: 

Kevin McIntyre

I started at Balmy Beach Canoe Club when I was 13 years old. I became a member of their high-performance group. During this time, I took a job coaching the younger paddlers at the club. Over time, coaching grew from a part-time job to my career. Over the years I have coached multiple national champions, Olympic Hopes competitors, Junior Worlds and U23 competitors. I am proud of coaching successful athletes, but I am even prouder of the culture of friendship and camaraderie I helped foster. I am excited to join Mic Mac and look forward to helping the club and its athletes achieve their goals.

Coaching Philosophy:

My coaching philosophy is that everyone has an important role in building a successful team. Some athletes win lots of medals – that’s exciting. Some athletes make everyone laugh at 6am practice – that’s important, too. Some athletes will travel to Regina for one war canoe race to help win a burgee – that’s huge. I strive to build relationships with every athlete in the group, no matter what their role is, so that everyone feels like they matter and have something to contribute. That is what builds a strong, positive and successful team.

This year’s team!

Head Coach Chris Chaisson
Assistant Coach Kevin McIntyre
U10 Ages 5-7 Veronica Highmore
U10 Ages 8-10 Ben Cooper
U12 Ages 10-12 Nora Featherstone
U12 Ages 10-12 Zac Kane
U14 Laura McGovern
U14 Zac Kane 
U16 Kevin McIntyre
U16 Kevin McIntyre
Dragon Boat Nora Featherstone
Masters Program Kevin McIntyre
Lifeguards Jaidyn Ciufo and Emily Hebb
Day Camp Coordinators  Kelsey Hatcher and Shelby Riley