Novemeber 24th – Annual General Meeting

This year, the Annual General Meeting of the Mic Mac Amateur Aquatic Club will be available for both online and in person attendance*.
We hope that between in person and online attendance, we will meet the minimum quorum of 35 Voting members! So come out and take part in shaping your Club.Items of InterestA) Special Resolution – Bylaws

The Board of Directors has refreshed the Club bylaws, and will present a motion to accept the new bylaws into force via a Special Resolution.

The bylaw refresh was driven by a need to remove redundancies, clarify language and ensure the bylaws reflected the current times. We reduced the bylaws size by removing excess material, such as detailed Committee descriptions, job descriptions, and additional Statements of Duties for Directors and Officers beyond their core duties**.

Additional changes include:
– removal of sponsor requirement for new members
– removal of Ladies’ Auxiliary and other non active committees
– clarification of types of membership
– age of majority lowered from 19 to 18, thus members now need to be over 18 to be a Voting member, and Associate members under 18 need to have a parent or guardian become a member
– Notice of Meeting for AGM increased from 7 to 14 days
– All votes are simple majority with the exception of Special Resolutions which are two thirds, down from three quarters

The proposed bylaws are found here

The previous bylaws are found here:


Online Attendance

To attend the AGM online, and to allow Voting members to vote online, please RSVP your Name and email address by responding to this email. We’ll match you against the Members Registry to confirm your eligibility to vote.

Note that to attend the AGM online, you will need a working microphone and video camera on your computer or built into your mobile device. Instructions on joining will be emailed to you before the meeting.

*In person attendance dependent on local health advisories.
** This excess material will be added to our Club policies, which are created and approved by the Board of Directors as part of the Club governance framework, do not require Special Resolutions to change, and will allow more timely governance updates. Our existing approved Policies now include Safety and Harassment policies, and will expand to include this material covering Committees, General governance and Finance. The Board is also examining additional governance on Diversity/Gender Equity, Conflict Resolution, and others.